I have been a Residential Realtor in British Columbia since 2002,and a Commercial Realtor in Alberta since 1999. I believe my vast knowledge and skills will be invaluable in any Residential real estate needs which you might have. Having had the opportunity to sell many condos and homes in West Vancouver, Vancouver Westside and Eastside, Richmond, Delta, and Abbotsford/Chilliwack over the years has given me the necceary skills and knowledge to help you with your real estate transaction.

Being a homeowner these days assures the majority of Sellers that their home will sell, and sell quickly. I’m sure most homeowners ask themselves why they would even need a full service realtor when homes sell quickly, and often for high prices. I believe that each home needs to be marketed correctly and presented in the best light in order to maximize the selling price. A home that shows well will always sell for more than one that does not. Each of my new home listings will include:

1. An interior and exterior assessment, followed by recommendations to be done before the home gets listed. I work with qualified trades that assist me with my listings and can get the work done quickly;
2. Landscaping services prior to listing the home and the open house. Most homeowners do not realize the impact that landscaping has on buyers. The visual impact of a nice, presentable landscaped home is worth every penny spent to get the landscaping done. I have a dedicated landscaper that will help assess your home’s landscape, and make it ‘Open House’ ready;
3. I include a professionally done floorplan for each of my new listings to assist buyers with measurements for each room;
4. After the finishing touches to a new listing is done, I will have a professional photographer present your home in the best light, and develop a sales brochure for marketing your home.
5. With most homes receiving multiple bids these days, having an experienced professional by your side review offers and countering them will ensure that you receive full value for your home. The majority of my listings receive multiple offers these days, and I am very well versed in dealing with multiple bids. I offer a well structured offering system which will ensure that all parties have an equal opportunity to make their highest bid to the Seller.

If you feel you’d like to hear more about my marketing plan, please give me a call today and allow me to show you the difference that I can make in your real estate transaction!


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